The company PROFI PLAST produces high-quality, design combs and bathroom accessories of the Landkaš brand, for companies of prestigious hair cosmetics brands.

Production is based on modern technologies. The products are designed in design studios and constantly innovated to meet the high demands of modern design and utility features.

The ridges of the Landkaš brand are provided with antistatic treatment, quality design and are
regularly tested according to valid standards. We believe that we will impress you not only with our high quality and invention, but also with the favorable price of our products, which are the main reasons for our success in the domestic and foreign markets.


Since 1998, we have also been able to custom manufacture any moldings made using the thermoplastic injection method, up to a clamping force of 250 T.

Production of high quality and precise products, including carefully designed molds. Our production is fully automated, thanks to which you get fast production with low time and money.

In case of any question, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@profi-plast.cz, Tel .: +420 602 771 650.